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The Elephant in the Room

Let’s start by saying, we love your kiddos. Sometimes we first see your babies in a car seat when you’re coming in for a dental appointment or you’re just stopping by. Other times we see them in the office when they get their first tooth or when they bump those precious first teeth after tripping on their brother or sister or the dog. And sometimes we see them at their first scheduled dental appointment. If we’re lucky, we get to watch them grow and mature into adulthood through their visits. We hear all about activities, vacations, boyfriends and girlfriends, new jobs, drivers license, college applications and weddings. We love your kids! We also love all of you! We appreciate the trust you

What should you do about a cracked tooth?

Most days at the office, I feel a little like a broken record, (old guy reference), repeating myself on the same topics. A patient might hear my spiel once, but my staff and I hear my words over and over again. Since the topic of what to do with a cracked tooth comes up so often, I thought it might be nice to share a bit of what I know. Teeth sometimes crack. Of all the patients I see, I find more cracks that people don’t know are there, than ones that patients find out about the hard way and bring to me. Cracks are seldom an “all at once” event, but rather are progressive, starting out as barely perceivable and ending up with someone noticing. If you’re a lucky soul, it’s your dentist disco

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