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Botox and fillers at the dentist?

Why, yes. We think there might be few more qualified in terms of the anatomy of a face, and the effect of musculature on a beautiful smile. Humor us while we make our case as to why you should be getting your Botox and fillers from your dentists. 


There are many reasons why patients come to our office. For those who visit the dentist for cosmetic purposes, esthetics will play a major role in post-procedure satisfaction. Investing in cosmetic procedures or a smile makeover is a big decision and we want happy patients!  How lips frame a smile and the visual amount of teeth or gums shown will impact overall smile results and should be considered. Plus, Botox therapeutic treatment for conditions such as tempero-mandibular disorders (TMJ) may have unplanned esthetic outcomes. 


Dentists are well suited to provide filler & Botox injections

Dentists are suited to provide Botox injections and fillers to their patients. They have the skill at assessing the balance and overall esthetics of the face. In dental school, dentists had extensive training in the anatomy of the head and neck and every day, they deliver pain blocking medicine directly to the cranial nerves in order to complete the need at hand. Delivering Botox® and fillers is the next step in the evolution of practicing esthetic, cosmetic dentistry, and Spring Valley Dentists are on the forefront of delivering that care. 

Spring Valley Dental Group is a member of the Brilliant Distinctions reward program. If you are not yet a member of Allergan's BD program, you can sign up with this link or go to your app store to download the "Brilliant Distinctions" app and set up your account. Our office will help facilitate your rewards. 


If you'd like to have a consultation with one of SVDGs comprehensive, cosmetic restorative dentists, contact our office by phone at 618-632-8471 or fill out the contact form and a member of our team will follow-up with you at your convenience. 

We look forward to hearing from you!

- Spring Valley Dental Group

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