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Whitening your teeth reliably, safely, and without blowing your budget

One of the most “bang-for-your-buck" cosmetic procedures you can purchase for yourself is tooth whitening. Let me share with you all I understand as a dentist about the process, the long term effects, and the risks. I'll keep this short and sweet, (which is hard for me 😀). The most reliable, longest lasting method I’ve found for lightening the color of your natural tooth structure remains custom built whitening trays and gel containing some variant of Carbamide Peroxide. This material not only bleaches stains off surfaces, it changes the intrinsic color of your tooth structure at some depth. I specified natural tooth structure because it does not change the color of any other materials your

The Tools of (Dental) War

The cavity creeps are losing… It is a sign of rationality for human beings to regularly profess that they do not know everything. I, for one, am careful never to pretend I know everything. Patients here at Spring Valley listen to me restate that regularly; my staff hear me chant that fact daily. But while I don’t know everything, I certainly do know some things. In fact, I know some things that others seem not to. I earned my diploma at the SIU School of Dental Medicine in May of 1993. That means I’m about to complete my 25th year of calling myself a dentist. School was a tough gig; there’s no need to convince you of how much information was crammed into our heads while in that program. Suff

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