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Spring Valley Dental Group

Membership Plan

Access to quality dental care is easy at Spring Valley Dental Group.  Our trusted professionals are leading the way to affordable care by offering their own in-house membership plan that saves you 30% and you can enroll and use the plan on the same day. If you don't have dental insurance or would like to manage your out-of-pocket expenses with your existing plan, this is the program for you! 

✓  No Yearly Maximums

✓  No Deductibles

✓  No Pre-existing Condition Exclusions

✓  No Waiting Period

Membership Benefits Include:

* In the event that oral conditions require more intensive cleanings, a different discount plan

may be offered to address those needs. 

All other dental procedures and services SVDG dentist or dentists in the La Cross network can provide are discounted at 30% without annual limit or maximum,

(see exceptions noted at bottom):

Discounted Rates - Procedures & Services 

* If Care Credit is to be used, SVDG's 30% discount will revert to a 25% discount to accommodate the fees charged by Care Credit.

* Broken appointments, with less than 24-hour’s notice, will be posted to your account. We get it, life happens. Please be courteous and cancel as soon as you know you can't make it so we can make the time available to others.


In-patient hospital cases are excluded from the SVDG Membership Plan. SVDG Membership Plan does not apply to orthodontic treatment or to night guard products.


SVDG Membership Plan renews annually.

Annual Enrollment Fee

Membership types $.png

If over the course of the Membership year, dental insurance is obtained, the Membership Plan will be neutralized.

Ask a SVDG Care Coordinator about enrolling today!

- download the editable PDF enrollment form -

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