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Why does your dentist continue to use the “F-word”?

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Floss! The positive F-word. Spring Valley Dental Group in O'Fallon IL

Since we reopened our business on May 13th, traffic has been brisk. And the number of cavities we’ve been diagnosing is higher than I’ve seen. My sense is, about 90% of these have started between peoples’ teeth. No amount of brushing can prevent cavities in this area. Flossing is the answer!

Bacteria are the root of all evil!

Even the best brusher and flosser can’t totally eliminate bacteria. And those that remain, are not eating our teeth. They eat what we eat, and when they do, they digest the food producing waste. That waste is toxic to your gums, but it is also very acidic, dissolving the minerals out of the tooth structure it rests on. Without these minerals the hard surfaces of teeth degrade. Cavities are born.

What can a person do to prevent cavities between teeth?

Deny bacteria a place to hang out. Physically disrupt their smear layer on every surface. That includes being diligent with a brush at the gun line, in the grooves on chewing surfaces, and between your teeth by dragging floss over those surfaces. One could also minimize how regularly they introduce a food source to oral free-loaders. Snacking, especially carbs and sweets are like throwing gasoline on a fire.

Lack of flossing is great for business!

We don’t want this kind of business, but I’ve never been busier with these kinds of various lesions. It’s all preventable.

So go prevent it!

Spring Valley Dental Group

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