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An Apnea Alternative & a Chinese Rip-off

I’d like to share with you a snoring solution I’m growing to prefer. This is a legitimate, effective alternative to the long list of oral appliances, and C-PAP used to treat snoring and apnea. I’d also like to share with you an instance of theft in the form of a nearly exact copy being sold on Walmart’s online outlet.

Almost all of the oral apnea deterring devices I’m familiar with attempt to pull a relaxed tongue away from the back of a subject’s throat. Their intent is to re-establish an airway. Most work by pulling the lower jaw forward unnaturally, with varying side-effects. We know the front of the tongue is anchored to the lower jaw, so as they pull the lower jaw forward, they are dragging the tongue along for the ride. A forward tongue means a much less obstructed airway. The device I’d like to introduce bypasses the lower jaw and goes directly for the tongue, it's called the AVEOtsd.

AVEOtsd appliance

Lance Martin, DMD modeling the AVEOtsd appliance

As you can see, this unique device accomplishes a more open airway by vacuuming the tongue itself into an elastic bulb. It offers advantage over most other appliances in that it doesn’t require a contrived jaw position. It’s not a particularly sexy solution, but it can be effective. You can obtain one of these devices from the company who originated the idea for $89. You can have two of these for $139. His and hers snoring solutions! How great is that!

In a strange twist, I found a similar looking device for sale on Walmart’s online site that was priced at a bit over $8 for a pair! It was the cheapies I first tried for a patient and friend of mine that was having trouble with the Jaw-forward appliance I built for him. I have since discovered that these are not simply similar, they are exact copies. Patent infringement doesn’t seem to mean a thing to the Chinese based companies willing to steal an idea. Let me just say, I’m more than a little conflicted about purchasing illegal copies, but each of you will have to decide this for yourselves. In my experience, these work identically, and my wife would attest, they work well.

AVEOtsd and the generic version for sleep apnea

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