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When old school is still the best tool

I’m learning humility as time marches on.

I think it’s every generation’s error to believe they are smarter than those that came before. And while the youthful might seem to have a natural knack for picking up the latest technology as if they were born with it, that clearly doesn’t translate to wisdom, on any level. None of us are born wiser than any preceding generation; we just imagine our wisdom. Sometimes, our elders have simply had it right all along.

My dad just had an amazing dental visit with us. He hadn’t been here in 6 months, yet the hygienist said his teeth had never looked so white and healthy. She wondered what on earth he was doing to get such a great result. A simple mixture of Hydrogen Peroxide, mixed with Baking Soda, had been used instead of toothpaste every day. He said it sheepishly, like he’d been caught doing something frowned upon. What I thought to myself was something like, “Gosh, I need to make sure that’s safe before I start recommending my patients try it. The results were that amazing!

I had heard about this years ago, but wrote it off as an old wives-tale. Clearly there was something more to this. I had concerns about dangerous byproducts, as with anytime you mix chemicals and get bubbling. I had worries about abrasiveness. I worried about the unknown. As I researched this, I found that the by-products are harmless. I found the abrasiveness to be very low on the spectrum compared to many store-bought toothpastes. In fact, about the only downside I could come up with is the odd taste. Some may miss the store-bought mint flavoring. I find that the afterglow of using this home-spun mixture is a very clean, fresh feeling, absent the artificial flavoring. I personally think everyone should try this and see what you think, especially if you’re interested in whitening your teeth. And please, if you do, don’t forget to come back to this page and share your results. I think you’re in for a whiter, fresher, cheaper brushing experience.

(As I was doing research, it was easy to get off in the weeds about free radicals and oxidizing agents. Most would be bored with the details, I did run across these articles that seemed to address all the concerns I expressed above.) Find the other articles here:

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