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Trios digital impressions: you've gotta see this...

Dr. Martin with Spring Valley's Trios scanner

For years, people have been searching for a way to minimize or even eliminate the use of impression material to capture a 3D representation of a patient’s teeth. Dentists were stuck using impressions for study models, building dentures or partial dentures, or for crowns, bridges, or Invisalign cases.

Most of us know how that typically goes...

With the advent of scanning technology, and CAD-CAM design abilities, we have pretty much arrived. There are increasingly fewer reasons to take physical impressions once you have a scanner in the office. Once you have a 3 dimensional virtual model of a prepared tooth, for example, the right quality dental lab can design a restoration, mill that restoration out of a solid block of flawless material, and glaze it to perfection without ever having built a physical model. What’s more, crowns built in this manner have never been more likely to drop in place with minimal adjustment. The accuracy is astounding. Check out what digital impressions can do for our patients:

Use of a Trios Scanner for study models...

We haven't found a way to eliminate impressions yet, but the industry is working on it. Next stop, in office 3-D printing!