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Trium X-Mind, Cone Beam of Choice

Fabio from Acteon, with Kevin from Henry Schein in the background installing SVDG's Trium X-Mind.

I’m never going to be one of those, polished, shiny, sales-dentists, out to wow you with our latest gadget. We make purchases based on delivering excellence in exchange for the dollars you spend, and the trust you place in us. This past summer, my partners and I invested in a technology that has us very proud of our capabilities. Most of you have seen the type of digital x-ray technology we’ve been using for years; it has advanced our ability to see things under the surface that we could never see with our naked eyes, Now, Cone Beam x-ray technology allows us to distinguish depth, width, position and density of hard and some soft tissues within the head and neck region. This is more like the 3D skulls you see on Hollywood’s medical shows.

X-ray based CT’s were new to dentistry just several years ago. There were various machines we shopped before we chose our Trium. None could deliver more bang for the investment. SVDG's machine went online the summer of 2017, installed by Fabio, a fine Italian gentleman that made for an interesting afternoon of repeating questions and answers to each other. The Trium X-mind has proven to be a spectacular investment. At the time, ours was one of the very first of it’s kind installed in the entire United States! The seller’s installation team had to come watch Fabio at work to learn how to install this beast.

The ability to see most everything we could wish to see three dimensionally, when contemplating treatment options, is invaluable. It helps with things like placing implants ideally, removing wisdom teeth, knowing where vulnerable nerves lie, or determining the exact 3D shape of a root canal in need of treatment before laying eyes on the tooth itself. It allows us to build appliances which facilitate treatment we would never have been able to build without. The device we selected is getting rave reviews throughout the world as it is being discovered. If any of you want to see what having a cone beam CT in an office can do for a patient population, click one of the links below, or come see ours. Things sure have changed in the last 10 years!

As we chase excellence, there is no denying the value of certain technologies. This is one tool we simply felt we did not want to practice without. It opens up an entire world of capabilities that not long ago, were the stuff of dreams. I don’t think that’s an overstatement. This is exciting stuff!

Come check it out!

Lance P. Martin, DMD

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