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This picture was taken Nov 26th, 2009 in Liberty MO. The car had been driven by my brother-in-law while he was in high school, and needed some refreshing. I offered my tools and services, and my father-in-law decided we could enjoy doing this together, and so we did!

Below you'll see the restoration of this 1965 Mustang Fastback.

I was committed to doing this at a high level. And a good amount of the decay was under the car. A rotisserie was a must if we were going to do this right.

By the end of the metal work, I estimate about 85% of the metal was replaced with new. Here is a picture of most of the metal, not including the rear quarter panels and the front fenders. Once assembled, we sandblasted and undercoated.

We first coated the entire car with a water-based self etching vinyl primer. Then, we used an epoxy primer and  finally coating everything that wouldn't show with a bed-liner material.

I was committed to getting the gabs straight and the parts as straight as possible. Afterall, Pops wanted to keep this critter in its original black. Every imperfection was going to show.

Pops also wanted this to be his daily driver. He wanted reliability, as well as the ability to drive the car year-round. We grafted the drive train from this pitiful donor. We pulled this (legal) GT out of a tiny garage in downtown St. Louis. When we were done parting it out, we reclaimed just about as much money as he spent acquiring the donor in the first place. The GT would find a new life of its own.

Pops elected to upgrade the original Mustang badging with some he liked better. I liked it too!

When we drug it back to KC, we spent a weekend taking fun pictures of the Mustang in it's shiny new skin.

She wears it well! 

This car can be seen, most days, driving to and from the Kansas City Automotive Museum, in Lenexa KS as my my father-in-law is one of their many dedicated car loving docents.  Check out their displays, activities and socials on their website:

If you love cars, it's a great place to take the family!

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