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What kind of dental practice is SVDG? My partner, Ron Ames, DMD, our associate Jon Owen, and I want profit to be a side effect of doing the right thing for our patients each and every time we are together. If you as a patient could benefit from treatment, great! Let’s communicate the cost and arrange a time to satisfy a need. If you’re in great shape, fantastic! We’ll cheer you on toward a great next visit as well. We are not pressured by anyone above us to “produce”. There is no one offering us a bonus if we talk Ms. Smith and 34 of her peers into whitening her teeth this month. At Spring Valley Dental, there is no one between my patients and me. It comes down to what a patient wants.

Why pay attention to Vitamin D levels? Having sufficient levels of Vitamin D is proving to be fairly critical to early implant success. Some studies have shown a 3X increased failure rate in a group that had insufficient Vitamin D. This particular vitamin is found in relatively few foods, and our best source is when sunlight hits our skin. But between poor diets and indoor jobs, up to 70% of our population is being shown to have deficient levels of Vitamin D. This deficiency is evidently limiting the amount of calcium uptake by our bodies, and calcium has long been known to be a critical factor in bone formation.

February 18, 2020

Being a dental hygienist and a mother, my children know the concern I have with candy and sugar. My goal every day, is to help educate parents and kids about the importance of good oral home care. The key in life is that almost everything is acceptable in moderation. And when talking about candy, it is best when combined with brushing, flossing, and regular dental checkups.

August 18, 2019

Some will want to frame the following thoughts as an attack, or a move to protect my profession from an invasive competitor. This is simply not the case. Read on, and you’ll see I’m really looking out for my patients; attempting to ensure they get what they desire out of an orthodontic treatment.

Smile Direct Club is a company with a product intended to help the general population cut out the middle man and treat themselves to straighter teeth. There’s a desire for all kinds of DIY instructions, many available across the internet, and dentistry is no exception. Smile Direct offers an imitation of the Invisalign aligner treatment. As you may know, Invisalign uses a series of plastic, elastic aligners, in a specifically designed sequence, to push your teeth in tiny increments over time....

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June 1, 2020

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