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January 15, 2019

Almost all of the oral apnea deterring devices I’m familiar with attempt to pull a relaxed tongue away from the back of a subject’s throat. Their intent is to re-establish an airway. Most work by pulling the lower jaw forward unnaturally, with varying side-effects. We know the front of the tongue is anchored to the lower jaw, so as they pull the lower jaw forward, they are dragging the tongue along for the ride. A forward tongue means a much less obstructed airway. The device I’d like to introduce bypasses the lower jaw and goes directly for the tongue, it's called the AVEOtsd. You can obtain one of these devices from the company who originated the idea for $89. You can have two of these for $139. His and hers snoring solutions! How great is that! Then, in a strange twist, I found...

January 2, 2019

One of the most “bang-for-your-buck” cosmetic procedures you can give yourself is tooth whitening. Let me share with you all I understand as a dental professional about the proc

ess, the long term effects, and the risks. I'll keep this short and sweet, (which is hard for me 😀).

The most reliable, longest lasting method I’ve found for lightening the color of your natural tooth structure remains custom built whitening trays and gel containing some variant of Carbamide Peroxide. This material not only bleaches stains off surfaces, it changes the intrinsic color of your tooth structure at some depth. I specified natural tooth structure because it does not change the color of any other materials your dentist has placed to restore your teeth. Crowns, bridges, fillings... you can affect surfa...

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